May 11, 2016

Our Community


Desruisseaux is a lineal rural community, located southwest of the Micoud Village. Desruisseaux consists of five sub-communities mainly; Anse Ger, Desruisseaux Central, Fond Desruisseaux, Blanchard and Chique.

The Name Desruisseaux, like most places on island, is of French origin. “Des” means From and “ruisseaux” means Stream or Brook. Therefore, Desruisseaux means “From Stream”. The community was so named because of its abundance of water in the area at the time of its early settlement. There were many springs, ravines and streams at the time plus the community is bordered by two rivers.

The community originally started as a result if farming during colonial times. Today, many people still depend on farming as their main source of income.  Although the banana industry is not thriving like before, there are still quite a few banana farmers in the area to date.

Though many people may not be familiar with the community Desruisseaux, it is a fairly large community compared to other communities that surrounding it.

Apart from the Desruisseaux Combines School, there are two other schools; the Blanchard Combined School and the Anse Ger Secondary School. The community boasts several other amenities which include, two Multi-purpose Centers, two playing fields, a multi-purpose court, a library, a post office, a cemetery and a wellness center.