June 17, 2016

Meet the Principal



Mr. Pius Bastien (Principal 1997 – Current)



  • MBE- Community Service
  • Cert. in Teacher Education
  • Cert. in Education – Teaching of Science
  • B.Ed. In Educational Administration
  • Executive Diploma in School Management + Supervision
  • MSC. In Educational Leadership

The current principal, Mr. Pius Bastien is a past student as well as a past teacher of the Desruisseaux R.C Combined School. He became the seventh principal of the school in 1998. Prior to assuming the role of principal he taught at the Micoud Secondary School for 16 years.

He completed his Bachelor of Education in School Administration in 1997 and was appointed the principal in 1998. Subsequently he acquired an executive diploma in School Supervision of Management with IOB UWI and later in 2008, and a Master of Science degree in Education Leadership with the University of Leicester.

This pragmatic and visionary leader is well known for experimenting with new ideas and his high level of discipline and professional standards. These qualities along with the cooperation of the staff enabled him to transform the school in many ways

Some general school changes that he established are:

  • The formation of an organized Parent Teacher Association (PTA), guided by a constitution.
  • A change in the school uniform and the introduction of a school crest.
  • The refurbishment of all the schools buildings.
  • The development and adaptation of a Mission Statement to help guide the development of the school.
  • Reconfiguring the schools administrative structure to include a deputy principal, heads of department for each block and core subject coordinators to share leadership roles with the staff.
  • The introduction of DCS awards twice, yearly to boost student motivation.
  • The introduction of round the clock surveillance (security) at the school.


Some new approaches to teaching were also introduced which include:

  • Team teaching (specialized teaching) in the core subjects.
  • Block scheduling for Mathematics and Language Arts ( moved away from 30 to 35 minute periods to a larger time block of 75 to 80 minutes)
  • An integrated approach to Language Arts was adopted (the teachers stopped teaching language skills in isolation instead Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening were now taught integrated).
  • The formation of a numeracy block structure.
  • The formalization of differentiated Instruction among all subject areas.
  • Wider use of technology in teaching.


Some new Instructional programmes were added which include:

  • The introduction of Computer Assisted Learning to all the students at the school (to enable students to keep abreast with the technological revolution so they are not left behind).
  • the introduction of a Special Education Needs program (SEN) to cater to the needs of the students with learning difficulties.
  • The introduction of special intervention of at-risk students with the assistance of district counselors and community relations officers.
  • The introduction of Character Education to help develop six character traits; Respect, Caring, Trustworthiness, Fairness and Citizenship.

Under Mr. Bastien’s administration the school saw the addition of some new Facilities which include:

  • The establishment of a standard computer lab (built with the assistance of the Redemptorist Congregation and is one of the most modern labs on island).
  • The creation of a science room to facilitate the development of the science process in students.
  • The establishment of classroom libraries and classroom learning centres.
  • The creation of a school Learning Resource centre.
  • The acquisition of modern reprographic and office equipment.