June 17, 2016

Meet Past Principals

Past Principals



Miss. Izod Pamphile (First Principal 1959-1960)

The late Izod Pamphile was the head teacher of the old Desruisseaux Infant school which was located about 100 meters west of the present location of the school. She automatically became the first principal of the new Desruisseaux Combined School upon the completion of the present infant block when it was completed in 1959.

Unfortunately, towards the middle of the 1960, a serious outbreak of typhoid in the community forced the closure of the school for the rest of the year. Miss. Pamphile retired that same year and handed the responsibility to her successor.




Mr. Irvin Dupres (Second Principal 1960-1970)

Mr. Irvin Dupres took the role of the schools second principal in 1960. This would prove to be a task that would be difficult but not impossible for him. For there was a general lack of interest and awareness of the importance of literacy and education by many families. This resulted in low attendance and a high rate of dropouts at the school.

Something had to be done to correct these issues faced, so he instituted a number of innovative changes which helped steer the school and community in the right direction. Among these innovations were the establishment of:

  • The House system (for students)
  • Sports
  • Staff Development activities

These innovations had a positive impact on the school; resulting in an increase in student attendance, and teacher confidence and job satisfaction began to manifest in examination scores.

Mr. Dupres was able to organize the school’s first sports meet the same year he took the post of being the principal. This proved to be a huge success in bringing the community together.




Mrs. Eldra Dominique (Third Principal 1970-1980)

Following the transfer of Mr. Irvin Dupres to the Micoud Junior Secondary School, Mrs. Eldra Dominique was appointed as principal of the Desruisseaux Combined School. From her recollection, there was one significant change at the school during her tenure.

At the time school commenced at 9:00a.m. and dismissed at 3:00p.m. However, with the advent of the Banana industry (green gold at the time), many of the parents became farmers and often withdrew their children from school to help with weekly and fortnightly harvests. This resulted in poor attendance and poor academic performance in many of the students.

Mrs. Dominique applied to the Ministry of Education to change the time that school dismissed from 3:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., to allow the children to lend some help to their parents after school especially during harvest time. This request was granted and the schools attendance and performance improved tremendously.




Mr. Thomas Daniel (Fourth Principal 1980-1987)

Mr. Daniel became the fourth principal of the Desruisseaux Combined School in September 1980, after the retirement of Mrs. Eldra Dominique in July 1980. This was shortly after hurricane Allen had blown off the roof of the main building that cause a delay in the reopening of school, a delay in admission of new students and the introduction of a shift system.

The shift system provided 3 ½ hours of instructional time per shift until rehabilitation works were completed, through an agreement with the Government of St. Lucia and Leon Hess. Mr. Daniel was later transferred to the Blanchard Combined School after its completion in 1987 ending his tenure at the Desruisseaux Combined School.






Mrs. Sheila Eristhee (Fifth Principal 1987-1997)

Mrs. Eristhee picked up the role of principal when Mr. Daniel moved to Blanchard Combined School. The staff were not new to her since she had worked closely with them in the past while serving in the capacity of teacher. This made the transition from teacher to principal much easier.

Some of her contributions to Desruisseaux Combined School during her tenure are:

  • The introduction of the subject Music.
  • The introduction of Home Economics to senior students (male and female).
  • The introduction of Agricultural Science to senior students (male and female).
  • The introduction of Woodwork to the senior students (male and female).
  • Improving on the Home Economics room as well as the Principals Office.
  • Completion of the school fence to improve security at the school.
  • The use of a pedestrian crossing to ensure safer crossing to and from the school.
  • The construction of a stage in the junior block to facilitate concerts and other social activities.
  • The establishment of water fountains to stop students from drinking out of taps in the toilets.
  • The establishment of a school motto “Work Hard Today, Achieve Success Tomorrow”, which was adopted through the use of a completion.
  • The paving of the school grounds with the assistance of the late Sir John Compton.
  • The establishment of evacuation drills which were held periodically.
  • The changing of the day of the Schools Sports meet from Sunday to a school day to foster greater participation.
  • The admissions of new students before the re-opening of school to allow parent to familiarize themselves with the school.




Mrs. Priscillia Louison (Sixth Principal, September 1996 to December 1997)

Mrs. Louison served as interim principal for four school terms from September 1996 to December 1997.